Upwards and onwards

Ffiona Lewis - Fish For Sale
Ffiona Lewis - Fish For Sale

So, with Chris and Eric’s show up and away, we are busy behind the scenes preparing for the next 2 exhibitions. Next up is a solo show of work by painter Ffiona Lewis, who has left her West country home to spend an extended period working at a residency in Aldeburgh. This highly productive period has resulted in shows both at Redfern and here at the Belgrave. The catalogue is now on the printer’s press, and due to go out to our clients next week. We are all very much looking forward to this one…Ffiona is a very good painter, and the work we are currently selecting from is all of a very high quality.

Following Ffiona’s show, we will be presenting an exhibition of work by gallery favourite Sven Berlin. The show, which coincides happily with Tate St Ives’ ‘The Dark Monarch’ exhibition, will include a broad range of Sven’s painting, drawing and sculpture. All of this ties-in with the reissue of his infamous book of the same name. ‘The Dark Monarch’ scandalised the town of St Ives at the time of its publication, but now, with the passing of years, it is revealed as an essentially harmless, historically fascinating, fictional snapshot of life in St Ives in the 1940s and 50s. This will be a show not to miss.

Sven Berlin - Self Portrait
Sven Berlin - Self Portrait

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