Sven Berlin is coming back to St Ives (in style)

What with both Tate St Ives and Belgrave Gallery busy hanging Sven Berlin-related  shows, it seems to me that there is no little poetry in the irony that this flamboyant character, once almost run out of town by its inhabitants, is now being welcomed with open arms. I’ll be writing more after the opening, but in the meantime I thought you might like to see these relevant images.

One thought on “Sven Berlin is coming back to St Ives (in style)

  1. hello, I am producing my first artists book here in France & am looking for somebody to handle it in england.

    entitled “my way of loving beasts” it consists images & text (english) by me produced by stone lithography in collaboration with a french master printer.

    essentially an erotic memoir – colour, black & white page size 30/26cms – edition of 40 min price to me equiv €300

    if this interests you at all (I have playable Cornish connections) do not hesitate & I will ring you & send descriptive material.

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