December Exhibition

Now that our Sven Berlin show has developed a life of its own, we can let it begin to find its own way in the world and turn our attention to the future once more…

Realising that the Summer and early Autumn would be a particularly busy time for us this year, Michael and Irving programmed in a month-long respite from set exhibitions for next month. As a consequence, November will see a strong selection of works from our stock hit the walls; a chance to see a mixture of Modern and Contemporary works that take our fancy, no doubt alongside a few choice, unsold works by Sven for those arriving too late for the main exhibition. The break gives us a chance to catch up with behind-the-scenes admin, organisation and development, as well as prepare for our next set exhibition, which is our December Exhibition.

Our December Exhibition is a show of Contemporary work, in which we plan to show 2 or 3 new works by most of our current artists, alongside a small number of invited ‘guest’ artists. Plans are only just being put into action, so further details will follow in due course. Until then…

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