November now…

So our Sven Berlin show is now officially over, although there remains one long wall of Gallery One dedicated to his work. The rest of the gallery, including Gallery Two, has now been rehung with a really strong stock show. November this year is the month for taking a deep breath after a busy Summer and early Autumn, and to catch up with some much needed behind-the-scenes, admin-type stuff, in advance of our December show. That said, there needs to be work on the walls for any gallery visitors, and it’s very satisfying being able to go to the store and pull out a really strong mixture of Contemporary and Modern works. Those of you visiting the gallery will not be disappointed!

The website has been updated so that you can view the whole exhibition on one page by clicking the Home Page image, but there are also options further down for viewing just what’s on show in either Gallery One or Gallery Two.

There are Modern works by the likes of Canney, Frost, Hilton, Heron, Scott, Feiler, Mellis and others, and Contemporary works by Dubrey, Bounds, Poland, Whiting, Hamon and more make the temporary hang something of a must see for those able to visit. We hope to see you here in the gallery, but if you can’t make it, do take a look at the show online.

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