May Day! Last Glimpse of Post-War Abstract

It’s your last chance to catch a glimpse of our Post-War Abstract show. We are open all May Day bank holiday weekend, after which we close to hang the next show, THREE PAINTERS: Henrietta Dubrey, Sue Kennington & Mary Mabbutt.

A few more shots for those of you that haven’t made it, and for those of you that want to re-visualise…

Igniting the back of the galley is Tom Cross’ ‘Red Landscape, 1964’, which is framed on the left by Maurice Cockrill’s ‘Portable Kingdom – Broken Square, 1996’ and Michael Canney’s ‘Abstract Interior’. On the right is another fiery painting, Aubrey Williams’ ‘Hosoror IV, 1959’. Placed next to that is the ruptured canvas of William Newcombe’s ‘Pacific, 1961’.

In gallery two, two sumptous Barrie Cook acrylics
A favourite corner, left to right, Heath, a Chris Buck sculpture (that's sneaked in) and a Bob Crossley
Another great corner! Kenneth Rowntree's 'Table in a Dark Garden' and Paul Feiler's 'Ambitt VII VI'
Frank Beanland's 'Carmine & Emerald, 1968' placed quietly next to a Sven Berlin sculpture (that's also sneaked in)

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