Urban Prints

As part of our Urban Art portfolio we’ve just opened a show called Urban Prints. We’ve got some great work hanging, and also some stunning unframed prints you can request to view – they’re so crisp and vibrant. There’s also a neat poster catalogue available which we’re continuing to paste around Cornwall – it highlights one or two works from each artist represented. There are some names we haven’t shown before, namely Static, Elbow Toe and Ben Eine; all three proving to be gallery favourites.

Below, in the front of Gallery One you can see Ben Eine, Elbow Toe, Blek Le Rat, Nick Walker, Shepard Fairey, D’ Face…

You see this wall as you enter the gallery. Fairey’s ‘Collage Girl’ seen here on the right has sold but his ‘Afro Centric‘ is still available








In the back of the gallery there’s more big names. On the far right here you can see Banksy’s ‘Trolley Hunters’

The back of Gallery One holds a huge D’Face. You can just see it in the image above. To the left hand-side of this there are some pieces from our Modern British show. This work is framed by stylish furniture, which allows you space to reflect on the art. In Gallery Two you can see the unframed prints. This print below is by Static and is so worth seeing in the flesh. It’s called ‘TOO MUCH TRUST’.

Some bio info:
(UK) Static are a popular art duo with fine art and graphic design backgrounds. Admired on the London art scene, they’ve become known for producing vibrant satirical images about the daily hypocrisy of contemporary society. They’ve been running a print studio for five years, where they have been working in a wide range of media including stencils, pasteups and prints. Their first solo show, New Ways of Seeing, opened in Soho May 2010.

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