Graham Rich ‘Open Sea’ – Private View

Our exhibition of work by artist Graham Rich opened last weekend with a bustling Private View on Friday evening and a more sedate round of gin and tonics on Saturday. What with the Tate opening and a show opening of Margaret Mellis at Wills Lane, it made for quite a weekend in St Ives.

Graham and his wife, the artist Lesley Kerman, were on hand for the whole weekend giving valuable insight into individual works and working practice. The show is made up of some 120 individual works, falling into 5 categories. There is a ‘cluster’ of 60 small works on the front wall, a ‘voyage’ of 32 works, 26 individual works, a found material boat sculpture and a video installation made in response to the last work/voyage of Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader.

The work is immediate in its appeal, but also withstands repeated viewings thanks to a strong narrative content, an underlying conceptual aspect and considerable aesthetic charm. The exhibition as presented in the catalogue and on our website shows you only a fraction of the full show, so a visit to the gallery is very highly recommended!

Here are some images of the Private View. These will be followed by some more formal installation shots before the show’s end.

View the exhibition on our website here

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