Adam Neate and Shepard Fairey
Adam Neate and Shepard Fairey

With our current contemporary show ‘Summer Waves’ now in its final week, the gallery is gearing up for Urban Art Show 2011. As well as original and editioned works by many of the major names in International Urban Art, we will also be presenting a group of 31 screenprints by the fabulous US artist Shepard Fairey, painted surfboards by Tess Sheerin, a large wall painting by Penzance-based artist Mat McIvor and a collection of Vintage Skate Decks.

Artists involved in the main part of the Urban Art Show are as follows: Armsrock, Banksy, Beejoir, Blek Le Rat, Date Farmers, D*Face, Elbow Toe, Faile, Shepard Fairey, Rene Gagnon, Herakut, Mr Jago, Logan Hicks, Mantis, Adam Neate, Luc Price, Matt Small, Chris Stain, Sweet Toof, Swoon, Nick Walker and Asha Zero. The works in this part of the show will appear on the gallery website here on August 16th 2011 at 6pm. Our exciting group of prints by Shepard Fairey is now showing on the website here.

Tess Sheerin - Glass Lass, 2010. Surfboard, charcoal, blackboard paint & mirror; 91 x 50 cms
Tess Sheerin - Glass Lass, 2010. Surfboard, charcoal, blackboard paint & mirror; 91 x 50 cms

Tess Sheerin moved to the UK from New Zealand in 2008 to pursue her art career. Influenced by a fusion of favourite artist MC Escher, Japanese art, street graffiti and the surrealist movement, Tess’ art ‘captures and enchants, whisking the viewer away to the heady realms of magic, lust and curiosity’. Self-taught, Tess’ new works incorporate more graphic design techniques than her earlier projects, using a myriad of skills to vivid effect. Airbrushing, charcoal, mark making, stenciling, pastel, carving and collage are all given a whirl! Tess is inspired by her travels, and her art reflects the new people, places, activities encountered in her daily life. Her exhibition here at the gallery presents 3 strikingly painted surfboards. Watch a video of Tess working on her boards here.

Penzance-based artist Mat McIvor creates striking graphic images that draw on the influence of Urban/Street Art but with a particularly interesting ‘Cornish’ twist. You can find out more about Mat’s activities on his blog here. For our exhibition, Mat will be creating a large wall painting in the front of the gallery. It should look stunning! Here’s a sneaky peak of the work-in-progress:

Mat McIvor - Wall Painting - Work In Progress
Mat McIvor - Wall Painting - Work In Progress

Mat’s painting shows  a view from the sand dunes in Hayle, looking towards St. Ives, and illustrates information about Urban Art being beamed to St. Ives along the ‘old school’ phone lines. Also incorporated will be ‘flying arrows’ around the landscape, containing the names of many of the Urban Atists in the exhibition. It’s a fantastically appropriate concept for the show, and the work, which measures some 8ft by 8ft, will be available for sale from the exhibition. It’ll look amazing in the gallery, and will look equally amazing wherever it’s subsequently relocated!

And finally, we will be presenting an exciting group of Vintage Skate Decks dating from the 1960s, 1970s and beyond:Vintage Skate Decks

Vintage Skate Decks

This fantastic exhibition runs for just 2 weeks between 20 August and 5 September…don’t miss it! The exhibition, with all of its diverse elements, will appear on the gallery website over the coming week or two.

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