Our Bob Bourne exhibition opened this weekend with a Private View on Friday evening and a Pop-Up Restaurant on Saturday to celebrate the artist’s eightieth birthday. Both lively and successful affairs, Bourne’s painting set a suitably celebratory air to the proceedings.

All true artists are unique individuals and Bob Bourne fits into this category without doubt.

His work stands out in many ways not least through its appearance of simple forms and pure colour.

However, this apparent straightforwardness disguises a serious application of a quietly, sophisticated sensibility – the paintings evolving slowly over a period of time.

Bourne has been pursuing his ‘poetic’ vision with dedication for over 50 years, most of it spent in West Cornwall.

Although representational, these pictures are an orchestration of colour and shape that work equally well as abstract paintings, capable of triggering a deeper emotional response.

Although Bob Bourne is relatively undiscovered at eighty, he has had numerous exhibitions previously, not least in prestigious London galleries in the 70s and 80s, this is the first comprehensive show for a number of years.

We believe his work deserves to be seen by a wider audience, and hopefully this exhibition will help to broaden the appreciation and enjoyment of Bob Bourne’s paintings.


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