BELGRAVE ST iVES’ at the 20/21 Art Fair 2012

Check us out at the 20/21 Art Fair
Roy Oxlade’s Orange Figure, Blue Lamp takes centre stage, and a Frank Auerbach is right beside.  A Rose Hilton stands in the foreground.
Mid-century furniture sets the scene, and contemporary lights by graduate Felix McCormack make a mark.
Ceramics by Dan Kelly and Rebecca Harvey hold their own.


A Terry Frost glass-work sits close to a Rose Hilton 'Still Life With Plant' and a Graham Rich 'Jessie Amelia Reaching Into Clear Air', and a Barbara Hepworth print can be seen behind.
Terry Frost and Glass
In his eighties Sir Terry Frost become well known as a glass sculptor, designing sculptures such as Millennium disc and the Aphrodite’s Moon Dream at the Murano glasswork in Venice. He made such works with the Venetian master glass-blower Mario Badioli, who assisted Frost in realising glass work. 6 Spirals is the work at the Art Fair that we are showing.

Barbara Hepworth and Prints
By the early 1960s Barbara Hepworth’s work had become not just about a strict geometry but also about composite structures and a monumental presence. It is later that she became known for her prints; she made a number of portfolios between 1969-71. The artist’s gallery, Marlborough Fine Art, London, published Opposing Forms of which the print at the Art Fair Winter Solstice 1970 is a part. Brushstrokes and strings of tension create a spiral composition but an almost landscape horizon is present, leaving you grounded on earth looking up. Other Barbara Hepworth lithographs from this period share a similar theme: colours, titles and shapes bring to mind Cornwall and its coast.

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