December Exhibition 2009 – Installation Shots

I had chance to take a few shots of the gallery just before we opened the doors for this evening’s Private View, and they’re here for those of you who can’t make it along tonight. I will post some PV shots and some improved installation shots in due course, but in the meantime these should give you an idea of how the gallery’s looking…

A sneaky peek at the newly-refurbished main gallery

Belgrave Gallery St Ives - refurbished main gallery

Those of you who have tried to visit us over the past couple of weeks will have noticed that the door has been firmly shut and that the gallery has been deserted, other than for the presence of 2 very amiable and very capable craftsmen, David and Marcus, who have laid a beautiful new slate floor for us. In addition, we have opened a new entrance into the back part of the gallery, which has made the space feel much more open and airey. The staff of the gallery are all very excited by the feel of the newly refurbished Gallery One and are itching to get stuck into hanging the first exhibition in the enhanced space. You will find details of the exhibition we are hanging below.

Business as usual? Well, yes!

Today will be the final day of normality around here for the next couple of weeks. After closing today, work will begin on a much anticipated, grand scale  gallery improvement project! More details will follow soon, but as a consequence of the aforementioned improvements, the Main Gallery (G1) will be closed to all but the builders. Gallery Two (G2) across the way at 22a will remain open for visitors, and that is where you will find the gallery staff for the period. You’re welcome to visit during the period.

On more mundane matters, the weather overnight has been shocking and the journey to work something of an experience. At intervals it looks like improving, but, frankly, it may prove a little elemental for most. We’ll see. Do be brave and come along today if you’re planning to be in St Ives, the work on show is all of a high quality, and it’ll be a shame to take it all down tomorrow for the commencement of building works. We hope to see you…

November now…

So our Sven Berlin show is now officially over, although there remains one long wall of Gallery One dedicated to his work. The rest of the gallery, including Gallery Two, has now been rehung with a really strong stock show. November this year is the month for taking a deep breath after a busy Summer and early Autumn, and to catch up with some much needed behind-the-scenes, admin-type stuff, in advance of our December show. That said, there needs to be work on the walls for any gallery visitors, and it’s very satisfying being able to go to the store and pull out a really strong mixture of Contemporary and Modern works. Those of you visiting the gallery will not be disappointed!

The website has been updated so that you can view the whole exhibition on one page by clicking the Home Page image, but there are also options further down for viewing just what’s on show in either Gallery One or Gallery Two.

There are Modern works by the likes of Canney, Frost, Hilton, Heron, Scott, Feiler, Mellis and others, and Contemporary works by Dubrey, Bounds, Poland, Whiting, Hamon and more make the temporary hang something of a must see for those able to visit. We hope to see you here in the gallery, but if you can’t make it, do take a look at the show online.

December Exhibition

Now that our Sven Berlin show has developed a life of its own, we can let it begin to find its own way in the world and turn our attention to the future once more…

Realising that the Summer and early Autumn would be a particularly busy time for us this year, Michael and Irving programmed in a month-long respite from set exhibitions for next month. As a consequence, November will see a strong selection of works from our stock hit the walls; a chance to see a mixture of Modern and Contemporary works that take our fancy, no doubt alongside a few choice, unsold works by Sven for those arriving too late for the main exhibition. The break gives us a chance to catch up with behind-the-scenes admin, organisation and development, as well as prepare for our next set exhibition, which is our December Exhibition.

Our December Exhibition is a show of Contemporary work, in which we plan to show 2 or 3 new works by most of our current artists, alongside a small number of invited ‘guest’ artists. Plans are only just being put into action, so further details will follow in due course. Until then…

A little more about Sven, Belgrave and Tate

Sven Berlin's Owl In Flight 1988 has been produced as a postcard by Tate St Ives
Sven Berlin's Owl In Flight 1988 has been produced as a postcard by Tate St Ives

When we heard of plans to re-issue Sven’s book ‘The Dark Monarch‘, we were happy to be able to include the launch of the book with the exhibition of works by Sven that we had been planning for some time. When we then heard some time later that Tate St Ives were planning to use the title of the book as the title for their Autumn exhibition, it made sense for us to time our show to coincide with theirs, and it has been good to have a chance to work more closely with their curatorial team here in St Ives.

Those of you who have seen the Tate St Ives exhibition will know that it includes several works by Sven, many of which are on loan from Belgrave Gallery. The beautiful, striking owl, which we have been showing in our window overlooking Fore Street in Gallery Two, looks really strong in the Tate’s Gallery One, and in the same room you will find other carvings and drawings by Sven on loan from the gallery.

The traffic between the two galleries has been, consequently, pretty brisk; many people visiting the Tate and hitherto unaware of Sven’s work have been visiting us, and conversely, several people who have visited us and really enjoyed Sven’s work have been persuaded to discover more about this colourful artist’s thoroughly life-affirming oeuvre.

Sven Berlin 'The Dark Monarch' - currently on show in Tate St Ives
Sven Berlin 'The Dark Monarch' - currently on show at Tate St Ives
Sven Berlin 'Small Monarch Head' - currently on show in Tate St Ives
Sven Berlin 'Small Monarch Head' - currently on show at Tate St Ives
Sven Berlin 'Baboon' - currently on display at Tate St Ives
Sven Berlin 'Baboon' - currently on display at Tate St Ives
Sven Berlin 'Self Portrait' 1942 - currently on show at Tate St Ives
Sven Berlin 'Self Portrait' 1942 - currently on show at Tate St Ives

There is, of course, a lot more to see both here and at Tate St Ives, but hopefully this small taste will be enough to inspire you to come and see both shows before the end of the month. Speaking personally, I absolutely love the new Tate show. Over 150 works, all interesting, some just amazing. Come on down to St Ives…

The Opening Of Sven Berlin – Sculpture, Paintings and Works On Paper

These pictures, taken quite early in the proceedings last Thursday, record the  opening of our  Sven Berlin exhibition and book launch. The launch was a great success, with our supply of books being exhausted almost immediately, and an undeniably gratifying number of red dots appearing on the walls. It was also great that members of Sven’s family and friends could come and join us for the evening.

Sven Berlin – Coming Soon

Sven Berlin - Self Portrait In A Red Cap 1987
Sven Berlin - Self Portrait In A Red Cap 1987

Just to let you know that 26 boxes of catalogues for our forthcoming Sven Berlin extravaganza have just arrived in the building! The show, which coincides (happily) with Tate St Ives’ ‘The Dark Monarch’ exhibition, will be bursting with Sven’s distinctive carvings, paintings and drawings. We’re all looking forward to this one…and hope you are too. Expect the catalogue to land on your doorstep sometime next week. If you’re not on the mailing list and would like a copy, please contact the gallery.

Last day at British Art Fair: See Canney, Davison and Gear

You’ve got one more day to visit us at the British Art Fair where you can see the Keith Vaughan posted yesterday (you can read a brief biography and view more works on our website by him) and you can also see  great works by Canney, Davison and Gear, all of which appear in our  ‘St. Ives Exhibition 2009’ catalogue.