Jason Lilley Teaching in Town

Not only was Billy Bragg in town this week so was Jason Lilley. He was here presenting in Gallery 2 to a group of students on how the smallest and vaguest sketch can lead to a body of work. He also explored how sketches and photography are essential to developing work in the studio. He demonstrated how he builds up a painting with the below work called “Soul, Sold”.

He then led the students off in order for them to study and make work based on St Ives and its horizon line. They were out drawing for ages; I am sure some great work will evolve from the teaching.

W Barns-Graham – An Artist in St Ives

This time last week we opened our W. Barns-Graham exhibition in the sunshine. The sun has been out since. It’s a perfect show to mark the end of the summer and the start of the autumn. But importantly, it marks W Barns-Graham’s centenary year and has been arranged in association with The Barns-Graham Charitable Trust.
Many people enjoyed the viewing and also across the road in our other gallery we opened the door to a St Ives and Scotland exhibition so as to provide a further context.

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham’s early works in the front gallery


Alan Livingston and Geoffrey Bertram discussing Barns otu

Geoffrey Bertram and Alan Livingston discussing Barns-Graham with Under Water no. 1 just visible in the background (and below it, Rebecca Harvey’s bowls). Installation shots to come for those of you that can’t make it. The exhibition ends 24th September 2012.


Here are some hot-off-the-press images of our new show, just installed in the gallery and ready for our opening tomorrow (Saturday 7th July) from 6-8pm:

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Christopher Marvell In The Warm Sun – New and Recent Sculpture can be viewed on our website here

Summer Exhibition – Modern & Contemporary Paintings & Prints can be viewed here

TOM CROSS: Paintings of Cornwall and Other Places

Our Tom Cross travel show has ended and with it the tasting of wine.

Thanks to Scarlet Wines we were able to celebrate Tom’s work in style. Each county represented in the exhibition (paintings from Cornwall, Wales, Guernsey, Sweden, Italy, The Middle East, Australia, Mexico and Belize) were brought to life by great tasting wine. At the private view Richard (below) did a bit of pairing (to wine and country) and offered cheeses, dates and breads. Tom’s painting was informed by travel from the outset and so this was a fitting context for his work and one that enabled clients and visitors to appreciate his oeuvre.


Vernaccia di San Gimignano Castellani 2009

Chic, fresh Italian white that is clean and refreshing with fresh lemon and apple flavours. 

Recanati, Marche, Italy, 1956
Gouache on paper

Full breakdown





Grape variety

Bottle size

Case size

Natural cork

Phil Whiting – Landscape & Memory

Our exhibition of paintings by Phil Whiting opens with a Private View on Friday 24 February at 6pm, with a talk by the artist at 6.30pm. Hanging of the show is nearing completion, and you will find a few installation and work shots below. The exhibition catalogue can be downloaded here. Please take a look at Whiting’s work on our website…it’s powerful stuff…and do join us at the PV if you’re in the St Ives area.

BELGRAVE ST iVES’ at the 20/21 Art Fair 2012

Check us out at the 20/21 Art Fair
Roy Oxlade’s Orange Figure, Blue Lamp takes centre stage, and a Frank Auerbach is right beside.  A Rose Hilton stands in the foreground.
Mid-century furniture sets the scene, and contemporary lights by graduate Felix McCormack make a mark.
Ceramics by Dan Kelly and Rebecca Harvey hold their own.


A Terry Frost glass-work sits close to a Rose Hilton 'Still Life With Plant' and a Graham Rich 'Jessie Amelia Reaching Into Clear Air', and a Barbara Hepworth print can be seen behind.
Terry Frost and Glass
In his eighties Sir Terry Frost become well known as a glass sculptor, designing sculptures such as Millennium disc and the Aphrodite’s Moon Dream at the Murano glasswork in Venice. He made such works with the Venetian master glass-blower Mario Badioli, who assisted Frost in realising glass work. 6 Spirals is the work at the Art Fair that we are showing.

Barbara Hepworth and Prints
By the early 1960s Barbara Hepworth’s work had become not just about a strict geometry but also about composite structures and a monumental presence. It is later that she became known for her prints; she made a number of portfolios between 1969-71. The artist’s gallery, Marlborough Fine Art, London, published Opposing Forms of which the print at the Art Fair Winter Solstice 1970 is a part. Brushstrokes and strings of tension create a spiral composition but an almost landscape horizon is present, leaving you grounded on earth looking up. Other Barbara Hepworth lithographs from this period share a similar theme: colours, titles and shapes bring to mind Cornwall and its coast.

Winter Exhibition Prize Draw & Christmas Cocktails

The Winter Exhibition opened last week. It was a great opening. Lots of people, art and cocktails. The prize draw was awarded by the Deputy Mayor of St Ives. The exhibition consists of two shows. The painting and 3D show can be found online here and more work from each artist can be found on their pages, for instance, Maurice Cockrill and Marie-Claire Hamon and Virginia Bounds and Felix McCormack. The print show can be seen in full here
There is a lot to explore in these shows so we will post more images and info over the coming month.

Private View celebrations

Winter Exhibition Paintings and 3D Works by Fifty Contemporary Artists

The Winter Exhibition – painting and prints –  opened last Saturday with a bang. We had Christmas Cocktails, a prize draw and cake!  We will feature work from the show over the next month. In the meantime, you can view the painting and 3D show here  and go to individual artist pages to see more works, such as Graham Rich’s and Rebecca Harvey’s. Plus, the Winter Print show is a must to visit online if not in person.