The Storm After The Calm – Summer Waves PV

The Private View for our Summer Waves exhibition was a lively affair made more lively by a fulsome flow of Sangria. Many of the artists involved in the show were in attendance, several others sent apologies for absence, others were simply AWOL!

The range of work in the show is very wide, as you’d expect in a mixed show of some 42 artists, and the overall quality is very high. The show includes works by: Jeremy Annear, Nicky Basford, Frank Beanland, Bill Bolger, Martyn Brewster, Chris Buck, Judy Buxton, John Charles Clark, Maurice Cockrill, Jessica Cooper, Henrietta Dubrey, John Emanuel, Lucy Foakes, Anthony Frost, Luke Frost, Jeremy Gardiner, Marie-Claire Hamon, Rebecca Harvey, Liz Hough, Chris Insoll, Mary Mabbutt, Daphne McClure, Bernard Irwin, Dan Kelly, Sue Kennington, Ffiona Lewis, Jason Lilley, Jane Macmiadhachain, Felicity Mara, Christopher Marvell, Alice Mumford, Colin Orchard, Sarah Poland, Brian Rice, Graham Rich, Karen Wade, Amanda Wallwork, Linda Weir and Phil Whiting.


Last days of ‘Lost Ways’ and St Ives Exhibition 2009

People were coming to view the gallery in earnest today in order to re-visit Amanda Wallwork’s map-based painting show before it came down or because they had just made it to St Ives from North Cornwall or ‘up country’ in time to catch the St Ives Exhibition 2009. It seems everyone who has been to the gallery has enjoyed becoming immersed in one of the spaces, if not both. The spaces are rich and quite intense for different reasons but what connects them is that the historical and cultural past in relationship to the landscape seep into both.

Amanda’s work will come down on Monday, whereas in our main space the Moderns show will stay much as it is. There will be a few changes but not until the following week will this space feel completely different. As this is written, the next catalogue is winging its way around and out of Cornwall.

The catalogue highlights key works from Eric Ward and Chris Insoll with a write up about how the artists are connected. The title of the show is ‘Two Colonies’ and the full list of works available is now showing online with up-to-date biographical information about Eric and Chris. We will post some exhibition shots of the hang as well as some of the characters themselves.

In the meantime, gallery staff as well as gallery visitors and passer-bys can continue to gaze at the breathtaking Dolan by the window. It has been much admired.


'Stone Map' from Amanda Wallwork's new exhibition 'Lost Ways'
'Stone Map' from Amanda Wallwork's new exhibition 'Lost Ways'

Amanda Wallwork’s exhibition ‘Lost Ways’ opened on Saturday evening becoming the inaugural one-person show in Belgrave Gallery 2.

To mark the occasion, Amanda Wallwork spoke briefly to an audience of more than 30 people about her formative years as an artist and in more depth about the body of work being shown in this exhibition. All of the paintings relate to the ancient track way known as The Tinners Way, West Penwith, Cornwall. Wallwork’s description of her source/reference materials and the process through which the paintings evolve added a greater depth to the understanding of her work.

National Trust archaeologist for Penwith, Paul Bonnington.
National Trust archaeologist for Penwith, Paul Bonnington.

Paul Bonnington, National Trust Archaeologist for West Penwith, followed the artist’s talk with an entertaining and enlightening presentation that provided a fascinating insight into the historic, social and geological aspects of this ancient route.

The combination of an artist’s intuitive response and a more scientific, factual interpretation brought a much deeper appreciation of the subject.

Artist and audience at the opening in gallery 2.
Artist and audience at the opening in gallery 2.

The exhibition continues in Belgrave Gallery 2 to 27 July, and can be viewed on our website here.

Belgrave Gallery plans to hold future events that broaden visitor’s experience and in September Michael Bird and Felicity Mara will be collaborating with a text/picture/sound event.