BRIAN RICE – 50 Years of Printmaking – Installation & PV

Our exhibition of prints by Brian Rice is now installed and opened with a Private View on Saturday 8 March. The gallery above will give you a sense of the show. Individual works can also be viewed on the gallery website. Exhibition runs to 29 March 2014.

The Storm After The Calm – Summer Waves PV

The Private View for our Summer Waves exhibition was a lively affair made more lively by a fulsome flow of Sangria. Many of the artists involved in the show were in attendance, several others sent apologies for absence, others were simply AWOL!

The range of work in the show is very wide, as you’d expect in a mixed show of some 42 artists, and the overall quality is very high. The show includes works by: Jeremy Annear, Nicky Basford, Frank Beanland, Bill Bolger, Martyn Brewster, Chris Buck, Judy Buxton, John Charles Clark, Maurice Cockrill, Jessica Cooper, Henrietta Dubrey, John Emanuel, Lucy Foakes, Anthony Frost, Luke Frost, Jeremy Gardiner, Marie-Claire Hamon, Rebecca Harvey, Liz Hough, Chris Insoll, Mary Mabbutt, Daphne McClure, Bernard Irwin, Dan Kelly, Sue Kennington, Ffiona Lewis, Jason Lilley, Jane Macmiadhachain, Felicity Mara, Christopher Marvell, Alice Mumford, Colin Orchard, Sarah Poland, Brian Rice, Graham Rich, Karen Wade, Amanda Wallwork, Linda Weir and Phil Whiting.


Terry Frost and Artizan Editions

We have been working quite intensely over the past few months on our string of Summer exhibitions, which were kicked off in some style a little over a week ago with the opening of our Terry Frost ‘Works on Paper’ show and a striking exhibition of Original Screenprints made by Artizan Editions. The two shows run concurrently until the 2nd of May, so you have plenty of time to come and enjoy them! The main gallery is full of the joyful sketches, studies, maquettes, early watercolours and more substantial works on paper by Frost, and in today’s sunshine many of them are singing from the walls! Terry’s son Anthony was with us at the opening, enthusiastically recounting some fascinating background to a large number of his father’s works. It’s always a pleasure working with the family. Sally Gimson of Artizan Editions, a very talented printer who has worked closely with some outstanding artists, particularly her fantastic work with Bridget Riley, was also on hand to talk about the great prints she has produced. We are very keen to promote ‘proper’ printmaking, particularly in light of the veritable torrent of flat, digitally produced prints that clutter the ‘art’ market. It’s both refreshing and reassuring to see that great quality printmaking still happens in the world! Below is a small group of informal shots of the current installation and the Private View of 16th April. Also included are some press clippings from our local newspapers.