ERIC WARD ‘About St Ives’: Installation


ERIC WARD ‘About St Ives’ opened with a Zoom Private View on Saturday 13th June and runs until 4th July.

Following the easing of some government restrictions protecting us against the coronavirus, the gallery is now able to admit visitors to view the exhibition. To maintain social distancing and hygiene measures to ensure safety for visitors and staff, access will be controlled. We shall be operating limited opening times throughout June, so please contact the gallery to confirm the gallery is open or to make an appointment to view.

Interested in art from an early age, Ward is a natural painter working in the tradition of the Realist, plein air painters, and can often be seen painting in St Ives using his trusted pochade painting box. Eric began painting in 1985 at the St Ives School of Painting and has been an active member of the St Ives Society of Artists for many years.

As well as examples of his signature views of St Ives, for this exhibition we asked Eric to consider views of St Ives painted historically by some of the artists that have inspired him, including Arnesby Brown, William Cave Day, John Anthony Park, Leonard Richmond, Borlase Smart, W.H.Y. Titcombe and Terrick Williams, and to reinterpret those views in his own style.

Please view individual works in the exhibition by visiting the gallery website here.

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